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To celebrate the launch of our new site BBetterU,

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Brainwave Meditation 

By combining ancient traditions and modern technology, we have designed a full line of state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment products to help you improve your health, improve your brain capacity, heighten your awareness and expand your consciousness.





The internal rhythm of the brain is called brainwaves and the brainwave pattern varies depending on what a person is doing – sleeping, relaxing, analyzing, etc. Brainwave entrainment is the response of the brain to stimulation with rhythmical sound, such as pulses or beats. After being stimulated with a certain frequency for a period of time, the brain reproduces the same frequency with its internal rhythm, thus achieving a targeted state.

Tune in to a specific state by simply listening to our brainwave entrainment audios, created by digitally embedding specific pulse frequencies into soothing background sounds.

Our brainwave entrainment audios are excellent for emotional balance, to amplify inner talents, to resolve once and for all core issues of your life and help you prosper on all levels.  Your investment of time to listen to the brainwave meditation audios will benefit you for the rest of your life.


We are very excited to introduce our Total Tune Up brainwave entrainment series!  

Our best brainwave entrainment products yet! 

We’ve been receiving e-mails from you asking for products that would encompass the best of our audios in one easy brainwave meditation. We couldn’t fit all the features into one brainwave entrainment audio but after working hard, we’ve created a series of 3 total brainwave entrainment tune ups:  

Total Emotional Tune Up  

  Total Body Tune Up    

  Total tune Up for the brain   

Better yet, we are currently running a 25% off special for the new series to help you start improving your life. It can always get better and even better, the only limit is the limit set by you.



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