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Brain Hemisphere Synchronization -33%
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Gamma Meditation -33%
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Emotional and Physical Problems Corrected with Brainwave Therapy

Measurements with EEG show that there are specific imbalances in the brainwaves of people who suffer from depression, anxiety, ADD, insomnia and more.

Our audios target the imbalance and stimulate the brain to resolve the problem. The result is not only quick relief but also a long-term solution, as the brain learns to produce the stimulated brainwaves on its own. 

"THANK YOU for the download. I have been very ill and feeling low and listening to this snapped me out of it in the most amazing way. I feel like love and light. Much, much appreciate your work."
- S.C.
"Great customer service! Thank you so much. Not only are your products fantastic but your customer service is great."
- D.A.
"What brain waves are on that recording??? I've used others and they are good but this was super duper!"
- D.A.
"This is amazing, it snapped me out of my state and now I have energy, I have drive, I just feel so much better! Wow, all I can say is WOW! THANK YOU!"
- D.T.
"This has been life changing. I've been listening to your mp3s for a year now. I own about 10 and I can't tell you how much my life has changed. Thank you for your work and keep it up!"
- K.L.
"Absolutely the best mp3s I've found out there! Not sure what you use but it is spot on!"
- A.A.
"I have 4 of your recordings and I love them. I use them every day and I usually can't wait to have my "me" time. I call it my mind spa."
- S.A.
"Bought this for relaxation but my husband and I keep it next to our bed and it puts us right into sleep. Love it!"
- D and V A.
"My son has been suffering from anxiety and insomnia. He sleeps well now and he is much calmer. I listen too. I use it as an afternoon nap. Great job!"
- M.B.
"I only listened to your millionaire inside mp3 for 2 weeks and i got a raise out of the blue! It works! Will recommmend!"
- Maria. S.
OMG, I feel so much more energized, almost like I am on some kind of drugs. I listened to it yesterday and today I am super loaded with energy!
- B.N.
I have listened to many brain training mp3s but these are the best! Keep up the good work!
- S.N.
Wish you offered CDs. I wanted to give one as a gift. Great quality and very relaxing!
- M.P.
I can finally sleep! Don't know what the magic is but after listening for 2-3 weeks, I am sleeping like a baby! No more insomnia!
- F.G.
I've noticed a big change in my confidence. I am a lot more open to go out and I don't want to hide anymore. Thank you for giving me my life back!
- S.S. Jr.
Thank you for giving me my life back!
- A. C.
Wow, this stuff is great! I feel so good every time I listen. I use it as a nap in the afternoon. I've been so much happier.
- N.L.