Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones


Isochronic Tones

The isochronic tone is one of the more effective ways to entrain your brain. These are evenly spaced unique tone-based pulses that are heard during audio sessions.



These pulses simply turn on and off at specific frequencies. These tones will produce extremely powerful responses from the brain. All of our audios use only isochronic tones for the brainwave entrainment. We always try to keep the volume as low as can be, so entrainment is relaxing and pleasant but extremely effective.

Binaural Beats

When played together, these two or more unique tones will form single waves. Binaural beats will occur as the sum of two waveforms that are very close to one another. Because of their close proximity, they subtract and add from each other to be perceived as a single pulse, or a single beat. The beat frequency will match the difference between those pitches from the two tones.
Here is a simple example of exactly how this process works: 2 tones, one can be at 210 hz and the tone can be at 200 hz are played at the same time and will result in rhythmic pulses of 10 hz, this is the difference of the hz of the two different tones.


The difference between binaural beats and isochronic tones is that binaural beats are developed in the brain, not the ear or anywhere else. When two tones with little differences are played into each ear, the binaural beats will result, combining in the brain to form one beat that causes entrainment from the inside first.
This technique comes with good and bad. The binaural beats have a hypnotic effect.
One disadvantage of the binaural beats is they are limited to the brains unique ability to mix sound. The resulting beat is a very low-level, at 3 decibels. This is barely 1/10th the volume of your whisper. It is incapable of producing strong brain responses. You must wear headphones to make the most of mood enhancement sessions.

All our audios focus on effectivness, therefore the method that we use is isochronic tones. 

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