Cognitive Improvement Research


There have been many studies in the past that found beta training can improve memory recall, increase cognitive abilities, increase mental speed and focus, and reduce problems with attention. These are usually characterized by the presence of excess slow brain waves.


Significant Improvement in Wide Variety of Cognitive Abilities 

Ruth Olmstead, Ph.D. conducted a study using 30 students. Two times a week for a period of six weeks, students were given 35 minute brainwave stimulation sessions. The analysis of the scores from before to after each session resulted in 30 of the participants demonstrating a significant progress in a wide variety of cognitive abilities. It was noted that a relatively low number of sessions were needed to simply improve these cognitive abilities and served to demonstrate how effective this technology can be if utilized.


81% Improvement in Attention

Using brainwave stimulation improved concentration and focus, resulting in a huge number of scientific studies to be conducted. In 1996, Dr. Graham Patrick conducted a major investigation of the application and showed that after only 15 daily sessions that the participants in the study had highly significant gains in their attention. There scores actually improved on the WISC-3 forms by a whopping 81%. The definitive conclusion was drawn from the study that subjects benefited from only 15 neurotherapy sessions. None of the control groups showed significant changes that could be measured.


Brainwave Therapy Better Than Ritalin

One other interesting study compared brainwave stimulation to the usage of Ritalin, In the Siever 2003 study, a group of students received the brainwave stimulation for approximately 4 weeks. The other group was given an IQ test without taking medication, then took prescribed Ritalin for the same 4 week testing period. The IQ tests were compared and the results showed those students who had brain stimulation had a bigger improvement in all the IQ testing compared to those who took Ritalin.


Increase in IQ Results

John Carter, Ph.D., of the University of Houston and Harold Russel Ph.D. also did studies where they used brainwave entrainment for treating ADHD and other disorders. After treatment, they observed a 5 - 7 point increases in the IQ results. Michael Tansey then used a similar testing procedure to increase 11 - 19 hz brainwaves in patients suffering with dyslexia and other disorders, showing a 19 point average across the board increase in the IQ tests.


Drs. Susan Othmer and Siegfried found, in controlled studies that beta training in the 15 to the 18 range had produced IQ increases from 23% with children who had ADD. Where starting IQ was less than 100, the average increase were 33 points. They found improvements in reading, arithmetic and memory. In a 1 year follow-up, patients showed improvements in self-esteem, self-expression, and concentration.


Reading Levels Improvement

Michael Joyce is a psychologist that used brainwave entrainment with 30 children and saw vast improvements in their reading levels and a 1/2 year advancement in their grade levels. The psychologist also noted severe improvement in reaction and a reduction in variability.


GPA Increase for Struggling Students

Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D conducted a unique study in 1999 that involved eight college students that were struggling. After audio-visual brainwaves stimulation, those students then outperformed the control group significantly, increasing their GPA. The incredible part of the testing was that the GPA for those 8 students continued to keep rising even after treatment was stopped!



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