Energy and Motivation Research

Improved Sleep and Increased Energy Levels

Dr. David Trudeau conducted a study in 1998 using 18 hz treatment protocol. These tests were conducted on patients with (CFS) chronic fatigue syndrome, and reported extremely promising results. There were significant reductions in impulsivity and depression. These subjects then reported improved sleep increased energy levels.


The 18 hz levels have been shown to be the reliable frequency for producing states of motivation and energy, utilized by many of mind machine users to replace their caffeine intake, mostly in morning hours. Michael Hutchison then mentioned that 18 hz levels are very useful, as documented in his book, MegaBrain. The frequency has been shown to provide his patients long-term benefits.


Mike Triggs is a binaural beat hobbyist who was experimenting with the lower delta frequencies. What he discovered was amazing. He discovered 2 slowly rising pitches that would wake him up. He then submitted these results to the local community and the positive effects have already been confirmed by hundreds upon hundreds of unique users. Many use this frequency routinely when they awake, or when they need a boost of energy during the day.

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