From the Founder

I'm glad you've found us! 

People often ask me about how BBetterU was born. The answer is easy. I wanted to help people experience the life-changing effects of brainwave therapy, so they can see the transforming results that I've personally experienced. 

I was introduced to brainwave therapy when I was in college. I was amazed at how easy it was to put my brain into high gear just by listening to tones. I was studying without getting tired, my concentration and memory were better than ever and I was plowing through the materials. I also discovered that no matter how wound up I was, I could calm my brain in minutes and settle into deep, nourishing sleep. I also had my pre-exam recordings that helped me to be focused, yet relaxed and calm.  

I was fascinated! How could something so simple be so effective? I wanted to share it with my friends and the world. This led me to the next 20 years of studying the brain and the mind. Together with my wonderful team of professionals, I've created many brainwave therapy recordings that have changed the lives of many.  BBetterU has expanded from my little office to working in the lab with EEG, recording in professional studio, using the latest technology and having the incredible opportunity to work with some amazing professionals in the industry. 

I know that you and are the same. As humans, we share the same desire to keep looking for ways to make ourselves better. We push the limits to keep growing. We want to touch the lives of those we love and inspire them. 

I know your incredible worth. You have potential much greater than you may have realized. I know you may have tried hard but not seen results yet. I also know that you absolutely have what it takes to persist and not give up on your dreams. I know your power and I know how capable you are to make those dreams a reality. I know it because as humans, we never stop trying to reach new heights. 

I want to help you to release the obstacles that get in the way, so that you can have fearless focus on your path to success. Even though it may seem hard at times, your true power will shine to light your path. I know that you can not only make a difference in your life but also in the lives of others. 

BBetterU is about a way of life: always improving, always evolving into a better and better you, reaching higher and higher. 


Kat Tsoncheva, MA, CCHT

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