How the Brain Responds

Brainwave Entrainment

The term brainwave entrainment simply refers to the electrical response of the brain to rhythmic and sensory stimulation like that of pulses of light or sound. 


Each time that the brain is given different stimulus, whether through the eyes, ears, or the other senses, it will emit a unique electrical charge in response. This is what is known as cortical evoked response. The electrical responses that travel through your brain eventually become what you hear and see. 


Scientists can then measure this brain activity using sensitive equipment like electrodes that are then attached to the scalp.


Each time that the brain gets presented with rhythmic stimulus, like the beat of a drum for example, that rhythm gets reproduced with the brain as electrical impulses. When the rhythm gets fast and consistent, it will resemble natural internal rhythms called brainwaves. As this occurs, the brain is quick to respond by synchronizing electric cycles to that same rhythm. This entire process is commonly known as frequency following response (FFR)


The frequency following response (FFR) is useful because those brainwaves are closely related to your mental state. A 4 hz brainwave can be associated with sleep, so the pattern of the 4 hz sound would then reproduce that sleeping state in the brain. This exact concept is also applied to many other types of mental state, including relaxation, concentration, and more.


Listen closely to our brain entertainment sessions and you can hear in the background very small and rapid pulses. While the session progresses, you will notice that the frequency of the pulses is changing slowly, changing the brainwave pattern and helping to guide the mind to more useful mental states. 


Exactly What is Entrainment?


Entrainment of the brain is a basic principle of physics and is defined as synchronization of 2 or more of the rhythmic cycles. These principles of brain entrainment appear in neurology, pharmacology, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and many more. 

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