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This powerful meditation is the easiest way to fall asleep naturally and train your brain to fall asleep without any help in the future. Wake up refreshed, with a smile, ready to take on the world.


Specifically crafted for this session - low and high perfectly timed variations of these main waves: 


Table Alpha Theta Delta


Lack of sleep has many negative consequences in your life. Among the many problems are irritability, impaired motor skills, exhaustion, memory problems, blurry vision, lowered immune system, increased stress levels.



Improve Sleep


Meditation for Sleep works every time. Start the recording, close your eyes and allow the specially crafted tones to do their magic. You don't have to do anything to relax into deep sleep. It will happen naturally and easily. We've created a special blend of SMR, low Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves to reduce the chatter of the mind and gently guide your mind into deeper and deeper relaxation, eventually resulting in deep sleep. Next thing you remember is waking up in the morning, feeling refreshed, rested and charged with energy. 


Length: 50 min, MP3 download

Please do not listen to this session while driving a car. Also, due to the repeating tones, it shouldn't be used by epileptics or people wearing a pacemaker.



You don't have to decide now. Take your time and try this audio for full 30 days.

If you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund. 


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