Mood and Depression Research

Depression Characterized by Specific Brainwave Patterns That Can Be Corrected Easily

R.J. Davidson, J.B. Henriques, and other specialists have found distinct brainwave patterns associated with a person suffering from depression: too much activity to the right hemisphere (emotional) and too little to the left hemisphere (logical), lead to overly emotional and irrational reactions to trivial situations. Correcting this imbalance is easy and benefits can be experienced quickly.


Dr. Siegfried Othmer noted depressed patients tend to show lower brainwave amplitudes, particularly in beta range. Depressed patients exist in the theta and alpha brainwave patterns producing persistent fatigue and feeling like they are sleep walking through their day.


84% Non-Depressed after Brainwave Therapy. 100% Improvement.

David Siever and Kathy Berg conducted a study on Seasonal Affective Disorder, showing 84% of subjects became non-depressed right after treatment. 100% of treated subjects experienced significant reduction in their depression levels. These results showed decreases in over-eating, anxiety, and increases in motivation levels. 12 of these participants lost weight, on average 9.5 pounds during the testing.


Huge Drops in Depression after 4 Weeks of Brainwave Therapy

David Cantor, Ph.D., in late 2007, released details of a controlled pilot study focusing on depression at the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society convention. He reported after 4 weeks of 14 hz brainwave entrainment, tests revealed huge drops in depression scores. This treatment showed a sustained result, lasting a month after the treatment had ceased.


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