Mood and Emotions

Mood and Emotions

Our scientifically proven technology will not only boost your health and tackle deep-seated emotional issues but it will leave you relaxed, balanced and ready to take on the world.

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Anxiety Treatment -25%

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment will surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency. It will help you to easily..

$19.99 $14.99

Depression Treatment

  Research shows that brainwave therapy has proved to be a very effective way to treat depre..


Organic Good Mood

  Nothing better than feeling great and riding the wave of life. The thing is, life sometime..


Power Nap

  Power Nap is an extremely powerful recording that can give you a quick boost of energy and..


Stress Relief

  You can't stop life from happening. But what if you could re-train your brain to respo..


Total Tune Up

The best of all our products in 3 easy recordings! Emotions, brain and body - the ULTIMATE TUNE UP!..