Power Nap

Power Nap
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Power Nap is an extremely powerful recording that can give you a quick boost of energy and restore your mind and body.


Special blend of frequency variations in this session...


table alpha theta


For a lot of people, napping can cause grogginess due to sleep inertia. After roughly 10-30 minutes of sleep, the brain enters into slow-wave sleep. If you wake up during that type of sleep, you will feel groggy, unable to concentrate well and your ability to perform mental and physical tasks will be reduced. It is impossible to predict when you will enter slow-wave sleep during a nap.


Power Nap actually guides your brain away from the slow-wave sleep. It takes you to deep Theta - higher frequency than the sleep Delta waves. When your brain is synchronized to deep Theta, you are very deeply relaxed. You are not asleep but you are not fully awake either. This is one of the most restorative states for your body and mind. At the end of the recording, the frequencies are gradually getting higher, so that the brain is taken to an alert state gradually.


What does this mean to you? Power Nap will help you to quickly recharge yourself, leaving you refreshed, more energized and more alert. It is quick, easy and works every time. 


Length: 50 min, MP3 download

Please do not listen to this session while driving a car. Also, due to the repeating tones, it shouldn't be used by epileptics or people wearing a pacemaker.



You don't have to decide now. Take your time and try this audio for full 30 days.

If you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund. 


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