Sleep and Insomnia Research

SMR Brainwave Frequency Has Been Found Helpful with Insomnia

One clear benefit of brainwave entrainment used for sleep is it can guide your mind to theta, or the light sleep. This unique method is extremely effective, and while common sense will say theta training is the most effective choice for insomnia, Dr. Hauri and other professional specialists feel that there's no panacea for the poor sleep, a single protocol will not work for all subjects. Chronic, life-long insomniacs will respond better to SMR training than they will to the theta sessions.


A study treating 16 long time insomniacs that randomly assigned each of them either SMR or theta training found that the anxious and tense insomniacs responded better overall to theta training Those who still had serious difficulties sleeping who were deeply relaxed then responded much better SMR training.


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