Stress and Anxiety Research


Entrainment is commonly being used to reduce anxiety and stress. Not many reports about brainwave training mention reduction of stress as a healthy side effect or goal.


Significant Decrease in Stress and Anxiety

Ossebaard conducted a study in the year 2000 with employees that worked at a Dutch addiction center. These workers had burned out and were particularly a large risk. The subjects completed the STAI test, (Spielberger's State-Trait Anxiety Inventory), an evaluation tool used for determining anxiety and stress levels. Those receiving the stimulation had a significant decrease in anxiety, as was demonstrated across 4 different tests. This alpha stimulation showed lower stress levels each time.


70% Success with Addictions

It's been found that people with addictive personalities do have lower activity in that alpha region. Research with alpha training in 1980s showed a 70% success rate after a three-year follow-up. Head of alcoholism programs, Henry Adams, Ph.D., of NIMH, found alcoholics had a 55% decrease in their alcohol consumption after one relaxation session that was combined with brief anti-alcohol affirmations.


There were other studies conducted that showed alpha/theta neurofeedback showed 80% of the addicts were then properly trained to become healthy non-craving people with adjusted neurochemistry.


It's been discovered that people with low SMR levels are more likely to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. Lower SMR levels lead to the inability to control levels of arousal and relax. People that suffer from anxiety, ADD, and panic attacks tend to lack that SMR brainwave. One study showed a 29 year sufferer of chronic panic attacks rid herself of the disorder using alpha training.


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