Theta Meditation

Theta Meditation
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Training your brain with Theta brainwaves is one of the most beneficial experiences. It is highly rejuvenating for the body and the mind. Theta brainwaves correspond to a state of very deep relaxation, which is one of the most restorative states for the body.


Listening to Theta Meditation will guide your mind into relaxation that is so deep that most people are unable to stay awake. You won't go into deep sleep but stay in a place of not being asleep and not being awake either. Some people experience dreams. Others don't remember anything. Some people are able to have normal thoughts but after the meditation they seem as if the thoughts were part of a dream.


Theta Meditation relaxes the mind and reduces the mental chatter. After listening to it, not only the stress and muscle tension will be gone but you will feel refreshed and energized, as if waking up from a restful sleep.




Length: 50 min, MP3 download

Please do not listen to this session while driving a car. Also, due to the repeating tones, it shouldn't be used by epileptics or people wearing a pacemaker.


You don't have to decide now. Take your time and try this audio for full 30 days.

If you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund. 



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